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June 30th, 2019


book: Thunderbolt | update II

Thunderbolt • An American Tale Vol.1 is finally at the printer somewhere in China and scheduled to be in bookstores on September 16. This all-new graphic novel journeys into 19th century America where Captain John Brown is on a crusade to eliminate the scourge of slavery from US soil by hook or by crook. A terrorist, a madman, a martyr, a prophet. A TRUE STORY.


June 3rd, 2019

Video: Malevolent Consent

The top results of a quick Google search of slavery take you to United States history. The Caribbean was the recipient of most slaves in the trans-Atlantic slave trade, not the USA, and yet you get the idea that slavery was invented in America. The US was the third country to abolish slavery, not just from its soil but from other countries around the world also. I venture to believe the status of being a superpower founded under the vision of white men invites a certain kind of scrutiny. As of today, white men are perceived as the main culprit and beneficiary of this shameful legacy.


May 26th, 2019



This peasant dish is one of those prolific dishes where a few shifts of ingredients turns each version into a unique, savory experience. The term shepherd's pie appeared in 1854 in reference to the cottage pie, ground minced meat pie with a topping of mashed potato. In the UK the term shepherd's pie is used only when the meat is lamb. Since I’m not in Britain, I’m going to tell you what I did with it.


May 1st, 2019


book: Thunderbolt | update

On September 16, courtesy of Mad Creek books/Latinographix and the Ohio State University Press, the completed vol. 1 ofThunderbolt: An American Tale will be released. I’ve been working on the story of abolitionist and controversial American figure John Brown off and on for almost a decade and so inevitably the project has gone through a myriad of incarnations ever since. Satisfying to see it in its final form.


April 6th, 2019


news: happy eightniversary

Spending time with those you care about is what it's all about. With life's many uncertainties and clogged schedules, it sure is a privilege to do so, and every moment should be enjoyed. It's also a great occasion to say thank you.